About the Author

10428449_1549929725238771_1360391006098275572_nBorn and raised in southern Maine, Angela Searles is married to her best friend, Paul and is the mother of eight children and three beautiful grandchildren. She can do anything, but cook! In addition to her writing, she enjoys photography, history and playing volleyball. When she is not conjuring up characters and stories, you can find her managing her multi-cultural family as a stay- at- home mom. She has a boxer named Greta, a chocolate lab named Moose Man, a pug named Mama Mia, a collie named Fionn, an African Grey parrot named LL Cool Jake, who thinks he’s Clint Eastwood and 14 chickens.

It was her freshman year in high school when she picked up a book written by SE Hinton. Though she didn’t know it at the time, The Outsiders would become her favorite book of all time, and the inspiration behind her dream of writing.

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