Dysfunctional Wednesday! Chicken Math

Christmas 2010A few years back, I was on the phone with my mother. We had just begun homeschooling and she was checking in on our progress. Also, you may not know…but she’s the reason behind “Dysfunctional Wednesdays”!

Mom: So how is homeschooling going?
Me: Good. We are doing a unit on chickens. I/we are going to build a chicken coop and the boys are going to raise a few chickens.
Mom: Play with chickens?
Me: No…raise.
Mom: Braise? You’re going to eat them?!
Me: No! *smh* (Trying to think of another way to word it) We are going to GROW chickens.
Mom: Oh!!! Well, is Paula Berendes Langill going to help you with that?
Me: Why would Paula help me with that? It’s April Langill that raises chickens.
Mom(silent for a second): Oh!!!! I get it now. I thought you said “throw chickens” and Paula knows about that. You meant you’re going to raise some chickens. I get it now.

She’s special!


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