Dysfunctional Wednesday!-Hello? Can Did You Hear Me?

1977_1014799813571_6489_nMy hubby is a no nonsense kind of guy. He doesn’t talk much, but he asked me a question this morning in the car. The question was so non-sequential, that I can’t even remember what he asked. So I answered him.

After a fifteen minute story I said, “So….I guess the answer is yes.”

He just nodded.

I give him┬áthis fantastical answer…..and I get a flipping nod! I’ve come to the conclusion that we are a lot like Phil and Ms. Kay from Duck Dynasty (minus the stewed squirrels and fried frogs) when it comes to talking to one another. I talk and he just gives a nod or a “yup” The only difference is, unlike Ms. Kay…..I always end my chatter with “Are you freaking listening to me?!”


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