Monthly Archives: August 2015

Juliusism Sunday!- Rock Star Mama!

Julius’s observation before I jumped in the shower. Julius: Man! Look at your hair.   Me:*laughing* I haven’t taken a shower yet.   Julius: It looks like you’ve been shaking your hair all over the place. Your hair is saying, (uses his best Steven Tyler voice) “I’m a ROCK...


Dysfunctional Wednesday!- Capital Fail!

Me: Isaiah I have a quest for you. While I’m at writer’s group I want you to go on the computer and find out what the capital of Egypt is and tell me what continent it is on.  Isaiah: What?! Say that again.  Me: I want you to find...


Juliusism Sunday!-What About Daddy!?

Julius climbing into my bed at midnight! Me: Don’t you think it’s about time you start sleeping in your own bed? I mean you’re how old? Julius: Eight, but Daddy’s 40 something, and he gets to sleep in your bed all the timmmmmeee. That’s older than I am!!! Oy...