Dysfunctional Wednesday-One of a Kind!

73Isaiah had a birthday party to go to at one of the neighbor’s today. I thought it was at 4p.m., but it started at 3p.m. I was in the car driving home from writer’s group, but no biggie his friend lives three houses down from ours.

I’m on the cell phone with Isaiah and said, “Just put on a nice outfit, brush your teeth, grab a jacket and DeAnthony will walk you over.”

I picked him up at 7p.m. Apparently, my definition of “put on a nice outfit” is different from his which consist of a polo shirt, Nike athletics shorts, no socks, sneakers and no jacket! Oy Vey!!!!!

When I asked Dejon why he let him leave like that he said, “Yeah, I was wondering about his clothes.” This is why I never leave my house!!! Common sense people!


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