Michael and JuliusJulius came upstairs with a Gatorade and there was instant bickering between him and Isaiah.

Isaiah: Tell Julius to share that Gatorade with me.
Paul: Julius where did you get the Gatorade?
Julius: In the refrigerator.
Paul: I didn’t buy any Gatorade…it must be Michael’s that he bought.
Julius(runs frankly around trying to hide the Gatorade): Help me! Help me! Michael is going to kill me.
Me: Michael isn’t going to kill you. Stop saying that. He may get really mad, because you took his drink, but he isn’t going to hurt you.
Julius(thinks for a second): Help me! Help me! Before Michael sees this.
Me: In the first place, you shouldn’t have drank it without asking who it belonged to right?
Julius: I didn’t know it belonged to him. I saw it and thought I just got lucky.

Well, it took Michael about an hour before he realized what happened. Julius came back into my bedroom none worse for the wear…I guess big brother has a soft spot for baby brother!


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